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The population of disabled person in China is 83 million in 2006. BMI has contracts with eight nationwide organizations serving these disabled persons:
China Disabled Persons’ Federation
Established in 1988, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) is a unified organization of/for the 83 million persons with various categories of disabilities in China. Headquartered in Beijing, it has a nationwide umbrella network reaching every part of China with about 80 thousand full-time workers. It receives allocation of funds from government, as well as donation from individuals and enterprises. There is at least one rehabilitation hospital affiliated to each provincial and municipal DPF. The DPF has a lot of say in the use of donation and the purchasing of rehabilitation equipment.

China Blind Persons’ Association
China Blind Persons’ Association represents about 17 million blind people in China. It receives donation from individuals and enterprises. It gives financial support to technology or devices which can reduce the risks of losing sight or help blind people redeem their sight. It has good working relationship with thousands of local hospitals. It uses its influence to promote technology or devices which will benefit the blind people.

National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management
This association is led by the Ministry of Health and works for the management of health industry. Its members cover all health-related players including hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, medical trading companies, health media, etc. It helps build up constructive relationship among members, promote valuable technology and devices to hospitals, and has influence on the purchasing decision of thousands of small hospitals, especially those in remote areas.

China National Health Anti-poverty Project
This project is designed and carried out by China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development especially for health industry. It has selected 2200 hospitals as partner hospitals. It works with manufacturers, dealers and financing companies to improve the hospital facilities by means of donation, favorable loans or leasing. It subsidizes hospitals to provide free examinations or treatment for disadvantaged groups. It organizes free training for hospital management to improve their medical care capabilities.
Hebei Jinde Charity Fund
Hebei Jinde Charity Fund is a Catholic charity fund working to help people for pain-relieving, recovery and sustainable development. It provides emergency relief in areas hit by earthquakes, floods, and other tragedies. It assists with housing and medical care for orphans, the elderly, and people with AIDS. It helps with school tuition and scholarships for students who cannot afford school. It partners with many local hospitals to provide low-cost medical care to remote areas. It carries out charity projects with medical device manufacturers and dealers to bring new technology and equipment to partner hospitals for the benefit of patients.

State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China
It is a regulatory agency affiliated to the Ministry of Health for the management and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are nearly 3000 hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Most of them are of small and medium scale. The State Administration works to pool together the resources, including local government, larger hospitals, medical companies and financing companies, to improve the facilities and serving capabilities small hospitals.

All China Women’s Federation
The All-China Women’s Federation is a mass organization dedicated to the advancement of Chinese women of all ethnic groups in all walks of life. It has many cooperation projects with hospitals for the improvement of medical care for women.

The Man of the Time magazine
It is magazine covering successful people from all walks of life in China as well as overseas. It has reported many doctors with great academic achievement and hospital directors with achievement in hospital management and charity. Mr. Yang Waisheng, the President of BMI, is the director of the charity office of the magazine. He has established close working relations with many hospital directors through the charity projects of the magazine.


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