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The Rehabilitation Market

The population of disabled person in China is 83 million in 2006. In the past 20 years, about 13.3 million disabled persons have improved their physical condition through rehabilitation treatment. 27.69% of all the disabled persons need rehabilitation training and service, but only 8.45% have access to it. 38.56% of all the disabled persons need auxiliary devices and service, but only 7.31% have received it. The bottleneck is affordability. The per capita income of disabled person is less than half of the national per capital income. About half of the disabled people cannot afford rehabilitation training and service. Most of the rehabilitation services are not covered by medical insurance. China Disabled Persons’ Federation has pooled together over US $100 million for the construction of local rehabilitation center and for the improvement of rehabilitation facilities to provide affordable rehabilitation service for disabled people. The goal of the Federation is to “making rehabilitation service available to every disabled person” by the year 2015.
According to The Guideline on Rehabilitation Medication in the 12th Five-Year (2010-2015) Plan issued by the Ministry of Health, rehabilitation medication is underdeveloped in China. Early intervention and timely rehabilitation training can prevent possible disability, improve the quality of life of the patients, and reduce the burden on families and the society. The Ministry of Health requires all large hospitals to set up rehabilitation departments; encourages small and medium-sized hospitals meeting certain criteria to transform into specialized rehabilitation hospitals; requires all community health centers to provide rehabilitation service to local residents. With the implementation of these policies, there will be huge demand for rehabilitation equipment in China.

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