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Market Study

China is the world's fastest growing medical device market (10-15% per year). The expansion of the healthcare sector and government's effort to revamp the medical facilities in China offers expansion opportunities for this market, especially in high tech medical devices.
The Chinese medical devices market comprises both local and international manufactures. The domestic Chinese medical industry supplies 50-60% of Chinese medical device needs. But most of their focus is low level of technology. Vast majority are small firms and don't meet GMP requirements. The high-end market is dominated by the Japanese, German, and American manufactures. With the growing demand for high technology foreign medical devices (especially that of the US), the market offers huge opportunities for multinational companies of the US, Germany, and Japan.
The threat of new entrants with respect to this market is strong. Competition is fierce in the medical equipment and supplies market in China. In addition to the complexity of the China market, however, there might be price caps, process and technology, regulations on sales, and healthcare reforms imitating expenditure on foreign-produced devices.
BMI will help international-produced products with the Chinese market analysis for feasibility, strategy, plan and implementation.

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