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Chinese medical customers include hospitals, medical centers and wholesale distributors. The Chinese medical devices industry is experiencing healthcare reforms leading to improvisation and increase in demand for newly-improved medical devices.

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Vast majority of hospitals administered by the government -- Ministry of Health. Public hospitals (around 50,000) have a high degree of operating autonomy, but are generally expected to generate revenue to cover 70-90 percent of their operating expenses. Larger “profit-oriented” hospitals frequently have funds to purchase advanced medical technologies.
Ministry of Health administers rural health insurance system and public hospitals. There is bidding and tendering system. Provincial Heath and Pricing Bureaus review regional purchases of large scale medical devices and establish reimbursement rates for medical devices.
China’s reimbursement system for medical devices is at an early stage of development. Policies and procedures are not uniform and may vary significantly from region to region.
Involved agencies don’t work in harmony.
The Chinese medical devices market displays a moderate degree of buyer power.
Brand identity is of little importance to buyers, who are more concerned with product quality and price, which combined with negligible switching costs favors buyer power.

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